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7 Tips to take to avoid making those common mistakes

Double Cleansing The extra step is all the recent craze, we’ll tell you why. Double cleansing is the step used to take prior to cleansing. It comes in an array of forms: cleansing oil, balm, and or micellar water. This follows with an actual cleanser. This extra step sounds tedious, but it’s the best way […]

Spring Skincare Regime in 7 Steps

Your skin changes from Winter to Spring, and now it’s time for a new routine.   The new season summons a new skincare routine, with spring into full effect, now is the time to prepare your skin for the longer, and warmer months ahead. Fall and Winter are rough seasons on the skin, low temperatures, […]

Our Signature Facials

Benefits of a Facial The general recommendation is to get a facial every 3 to four weeks depending on your skin type. To answer your question, that is the amount of time your skin takes to move through a full cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation. Monthly facials help maintain that gorgeous glow all […]

Skincare Ingredients that should never be used together

Vitamin C, Retinol, Sunscreen…. It’s as if all skin concerns have a solution nowadays. Looking to minimize the appearance of fine lines? Try retinol. Want a moisturizer that will keep your skin glowing and supple? Reach for something containing hyaluronic acid. Need to fade dark spots and renew skin? Look for vitamin C. So many […]

Skin Resolutions to stick to in 2018

Don’t limit your New Year’s resolution to just career ambitions and body transformations. Small changes are just as important – even if they sound superficial. Let’s start by making 2018 the year we embark on a journey to look after ourselves and treat our skin by indulging in good skin care. New Year, Better Skin. […]

7 Simple Skin Care Tips During The Winter

Severe changes in the weather, whether it’s hot or cold – is harmful to your skin. Winter in particular, has weather conditions that include severe dry winds, and chilly temperatures that can make your skin dry up and lead to flaking. The usual skin care regime wouldn’t make much of a difference during this season. […]